"Trainiac" Music CD

"Trainiac" Music CD

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Trainiac is Choo Choo Bob's second full-length studio album. This fun CD features all of your favorite characters from The Choo Choo Bob Show! It's family friendly, and it's inspired by our time spent riding the rails.

If you like trains and music, this is the CD for you, because now you can be a trainiac, too.

    Track Listing:

    1) Trainiac Intro
    2) Trainiac
    3) Gandy Dancing
    4) Slip Car
    6) Rat Pack Intro
    7) Rat Pack
    8) Ramblin' Railroads
    9) Monorail Mailman Intro
    10) Monorail Mailman
    11) Shrinkatron
    12) London Underground Intro
    13) London Underground
    14) Train Bound Train
    15) Super City Planner Intro
    16) Super City Planner
    17) The Repeating Train
    18) Steam Dream
    19) Nitey Night 99 Intro
    20) Nitey Night 99