The Choo Choo Bob Show! DVD Volume 4: I Voted
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The Choo Choo Bob Show! DVD Volume 4: I Voted


All of your favorite characters are back, with plenty of adventure to be found across Bobville and Tinyland. Check out all of these amazing episodes and extras:

I Voted 

Rich is running for Assistant Tinyland Railroad Commissioner and has turned the clubhouse into his campaign office! Engineer Emily is his campaign manager, Dave, Charlie Rat and Cee Cee are working to get out the vote, and Choo Choo Bob is moderating the up-coming debate in Tinyland between Rich and Getty Groosevelt. Will Rich be elected?

Goodnight Train

Choo Choo Bob is having a tough time going to sleep because he's excited about a train trip he and the gang are taking tomorrow. Will Choo Choo Bob finally fall asleep? And will Rich ever become a successful escape artist?

Business is Good

Rich is in business in Tinyland, and business is GOOD! Rich's idea of building a train to outer space might not be a good business decision, but Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Emily like the idea of a Railway to Mars!

Rainy Day 

It's raining in Bobville and the whole gang is seeking shelter in the clubhouse. Rich introduces everyone to a new board game, and Choo Choo Bob and the gang reminisce about fun adventures they have all had together.

Riders of the Lost Train 

Richard W. Kornbelt has discovered a very rare golden train and he's asked Choo Choo Bob to keep it safe. You don't suppose Choo Choo Bob has lost it, do you? And there's a new sandwich shop in Bobville giving away interesting new prizes!

DVD Extras:

Train Safety Message with Engineer Emily and Choo Choo Bob

"Dining Car Food Fight Song" music video

Little Man

"Railway to Mars" music Video

Classic Show: "By Golly, it's a Trolley!"