The Choo Choo Bob Show! DVD Volume 5: At the Movies

The Choo Choo Bob Show! DVD Volume 5: At the Movies


All aboard! Join the Choo Choo Bob crew as they explore the world of trains!

Episode Listing

At the Movies

When Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Emily clean the clubhouse, they find an old movie and the gang comes over to watch. Meanwhile, disaster strikes when someone devours Ticket Agent Cee Cee's homemade pie! Who could it be? Will this movie have a happy ending?

Imagination Station

Choo Choo Bob and his friends use their imagination when working on the train layout. Bob and Rich visit a train layout built entirely out of Lego bricks, and Haley Bonar stops by and sings with Bob.

Same But Different

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you hit the Shrinkatron's "Up" and "Down" button at the same time? Choo Choo Bob finds out and the results are very, very confusing.

The Snow Must Go On

There's a blizzard outside in Bobville, and that's OK with Rich now that he is a dog musher... only one problem... Rich doesn't have any dogs! Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Engineer Emily visit a giant train snowplow!

Safety First

Safety is important, and school-crossing guard Richard W. Kornbelt takes his new job very seriously. Well, maybe a bit too seriously when he wraps the clubhouse in bubble wrap. Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Emily, and Engineer Paul visit a railroad crossing and talk about train safety.

DVD Extras!

"Trainiac" Music Video

Train Safety Message with Charlie Rat and Choo Choo Bob

"Remember Steam Engines" music video

"Build Somethings" with Haley Bonar and Choo Choo Bob

Choo Choo Bob and the Dead Cinders sing "Huskies Like to Pull" live in the clubhouse

The Museum of Transportation and a Big trip to Tinyland

Holy Smokestacks ... It's Traintown!

Classic Show: "The Barber of Bobville"