"Choo Choo Dude" Music CD

"Choo Choo Dude" Music CD

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Choo Choo Dude is a high-quality reissue of Choo Choo Bob's first-ever studio album, and it features all of your favorite characters from The Choo Choo Bob Show! You won't be able to keep yourself from singing along to these catchy, train-themed tunes.

CD Track List:

  1. Choo Choo Dude

  2. Hey Streetcar

  3. People of the Plastic City

  4. Dining Car Intro

  5. Dining Car Food Fight Song

  6. Railway to Mars

  7. Astronaut Night School

  8. Brakeman Rock

  9. Rat Fudge Sundae

  10. Roller Coaster Intro

  11. Roller Coaster

  12. Remember Steam Engines

  13. Get Snappy

  14. Greatest Train Ride Ever